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Come to the riveting, mesmerizing pilsen open mic


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at kristoffer's café at 1733 south halsted


chicago (312-850-9360)


on the second and last friday of every month at 7-9:O0 p.m.


hosted by vittorio (what is he doing on stage?) carli


visit vito's ever evolving celebrity interview site at www.


special features on May 14


Performance Poetry by After Hours editor, Al De Genova and NEA Poetry Fellowship Recipient, Charlie Rossiter


At Every Show Enjoy the Soulful Singing of Jackie Jackson

The Powerful Poetic Stylings Of The Magnificent

Jessica (What Will She Wear Next?) and

Tracey (What Are They Putting in Her Water?) Jakubik




Richard Theodore and Nicole Aimee Macaluso on May 28

Charlie Newman and Michelle Rigot on June 11



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