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Performance art, screenwriting interviews, poetry, flugtag and more . . .

Sid Yiddish InterviewVito explores the mind of poet Sid Yiddish

Meg Mccarville Interview

Review of "The Class"

Richard The III - a theatrical version of one of Shakespeare’s finest plays, “The Tragedy of King Richard III.”

A Conversation with Thax Douglass - Vito speaks with one of the most iconic and recognizable poetry figures in Chicago

Kari Lydersen - writer and journalist interview

Rose Martula - an interview with playwright and screenwriter Rose Martula

Choco Latai Tzvi, the Choco Messiah, is the head of the controversial Chocoists, a mystical/spiritual sect that advocates finding transcendence through chocolate.

John Sinclair - poet/social activist/radio show host/white panther party founder

Raven Hinojosa - Trapeze artist incorporating spoken word
Raven ~ Trapeze Artist

Nina Corwin - Poetry book review

Burning Man- Pictures from 'Yum' Camp 2003

Paul Hoover- Poet, Novelist, Screenplay writer

Katherine Chronis interview- Performance artist interview ~

Karen Finley Story / Interview - controversial New York based performance artist/literary figure/visual artist

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Neville Van Arken - on the Flugtag project and the chicken dance photos by Vittorio Carli

Silvia Foti - South side based writer and author of "Skullduggery"

An Interview with Cynthia "Plaster Caster" - A Shockingly amazing sculptress


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