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You Tube   - (Vittorio Carli and Ben Banks performing live at  the 2007 Chicago Calling)


Chicago calling

anabel echo's blog

Puddinhead book publishing - book publisher, dealer and distributor

Mercury cafe - Mercury Cafe started out as an idea. A place for everyone to hang out. A place where urbanites can work on their lap tops. Where neighborhood residents can sip a cup of coffee. Where live music can be heard in the background as couples meet for their espresso ritual. Students hurriedly working on stuff due that day.

Chicago calling - "Chicago Calling," Chicago-based artists will showcase performances and projects that involve collaborations with artists living in other locations- here in the U.S. and in other countries worldwide.

Hotti biscotti - Hotti Biscotti on Centerstage, Publisher of Honest Info By Chicago, For Chicago - This Web Site is All About Chicago. 3545 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, (773) 772-9970, Bar, Music Club,Restaurant Cheap Eats, Coffeehouses,Conversation-Friendly,Food Served,Off The Beaten Path.

Ink blot project - Ink Blot Project is dedicated to raising voices and funding for crisis centers that support the survivors of sexual assault and incest through the creation of fine art.

Reel Movie Critic - no summary

Venuszine - venus { women in music, art, film, fashion, d.i.y. culture }

The Unofficial Soup Kitchen - A diverse convergence of content & conversation featuring creative expression in varied disciplines.

Under Shorts - Undershorts Film Fest

The Star - The Star Newspapers/ First Look

SOBS - Site of Big Shoulders

Demons in my Head - Jane Ripley's cartoons

Miss Messy Stench - the craptabulous messy stench

Wierd Mirror - Josi Madera/Clothes

Lumpen - Chicago art mag

Love Chaos - intuitive musicians rogue performance artists

Kristoffer's - Cafe & Bakery

Invisible Records - Underground inc.

Evolution Music Partners - creative representation of composers, music supervisors, copyright owners, and recording artists worldwide

Lamprey - The Ever-So-Secret Order of the Lamprey

Eli Emily - Eli Emily's audio samples


Dark Matter - A monthly webzine focusing on art, music, science, and technology

Teri Danai Vrakas - The art of Teri Danai Vrakas

Cynthia Plaster Caster- Welcome to the world of Cyntha Plaster Caster - artist, collector and fan. Where third legs, shoulder boulders and rock 'n' roll meet plaster.

Marc Tasman- Chocolate Messiah

Chicago Artists Collective- The Chicago Artists' Collective provides web, print, networking exposure and art show opportunities for local fine artists committed to art with an edge.

Beach poetry- by the Cathleen Schandelmeir

fatgirls rio baton - the fat girls rio baton - Chicago Underground Film Festival - Randall Keys, my magnificent web designer

Randall Keys - logos, comntent management systems and creative interface design.

Dart~ fine-art - The Internet Art Database

Chicago Poetry ~ The state of Chicago's Cyberspace Poetry

Art school resources

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