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Rusty Nails

Vittorio Carli's reviews of the 2010 Chicago International Film Festival

Beyond the Canon: 100 Films Deserving of Greater Recognition

50 greatest films in one sentence interview

Mother of tears from kilter: the journal of gothic art

Interview with Eduardo Sanchez, the director of “Altered” and “The Blair Witch Project”

Interview with Stuart Gordon of “Re-Animator”

Mother of tears from kilter: the journal of gothic art

50 greatest films in one sentence interview

2001: A Space Odyssey - An Interview with Gary Lockwood by Vittorrio

Interview with Mary Woronov - Dancer, writer, painter and author of Blind Love and Swimming Underground: My Years in the Warhol

2007 Chicago International Film Festival - Mini Reviews of 16 Films (rated from zero stars to four)

Vittorio Carli’s Oscar column - Letters from Iwa Jima, The Queen or The Departed? Who were this year's hopeful nominees?

Martin Scorsese Article - Read about his films and find out why he is Vito's chioice for the best working American filmmaker.

Interview with Deepa Mehta - Hear from one of the most accomplished and vital directors currently working in India

Mulholland Drive - Disturbing, haunting, and brilliant film noir movie review

Crossroads - Britney Spear movie review as unintentional comedy

Music Films - a list of some of the more substantial music films from 2005

A Touch of Evil - the great film noirs (French for “black films”) of the past

Asif Kapadia - British film maker interview

Return of the Living Dead - Movie review

Dancer in the Dark - Movie review

Vittorio Carli's Guide to Poetry in Film

Elevator Movie - A surreal drama at the Chicago Underground Film festival 8/22/04 and 8/23/04

Zeb Haradon - Actor / director interview

Lloyd Kaufman - Interview with head of Troma Studios, cult favorites and independent film maker

David Carradine story - From ' Kung Fu to Kill Bill: Vol. 2

John Sayles - Writer/director ~ Learned Film success Without Selling Out

Interview with Jack Hill by Vittorio Carli - The director of Foxy Brown, Spider Baby, Coffy, Switchblade Sisters and The
Big Bird Cage

Spider - Movie review

American Splendor - Movie review

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni - Actress interview

Darren Aronofsky - Director of “Pi” interview / Story

Best Films of 1997-2002

Abel Ferrara - Interview with the director

Franka Potente - "Run Lola Run," actress interview (originally published in "The Star")


Chicago Underground Film Festival 2002 -The Chicago Underground Film Festival (or CUFF for short) is one of the best places in the city to see subversive, edgy cinema. This year's fest will take place on August 22-28, and the films will be shown at the Landmark Century Cinema. See the CUFF website at for a complete schedule and more details.

- Best films of 2010

- Best films of 2009

- Best films of 2008

- 2008: Review of "The Class"

- 2007: The Year in Film

- 2006: The Year in Film

- 2006: 100 Best Horror Films

- Giant Ape Film Guide by Vittorio Carli

- 2005: The Year in Film

- 2004: The Year in Film

- The Best Films of the year ~ 2003

- Rusty Nails Interview

- Chicago International Film Festival Reviews 2003

- Cold Creek Manor

- Ikiru

- Tycoon: A New Russian

- So Close

- The Good the Bad and the Ugly

- The Other Side of the Bed

- Pistol Opera review

- Camp

- Herod's Law

- Gigantic

- Capturing the Friedmans

- Comic Book Fiilms

- Family Affair

- Blue Car

- L'Auberge Espagnol

- Charlotte Sometimes
























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